The Joe White Hike

Mike and I were going on a hike.
This hike was a Joe White hike.
 Now this hike was not to the zoo;
It was a hike we dreaded through and through.

Because we thought we were lost,
It took no cost,
But our faith was almost gone.
We thought we'd be there until dawn.

We slid and tumbled down hills,
We thought we needed Advil pills.
The we climbed and crawled,
But we never stalled.

We finally stopped for a break,
But it was not for our sake.
Because we were not tired,
But the others, a break they desired!

Up and down we went,
We wished we were back in our tent.
For we saw a snake,
It was slithering to the lake.

When we were almost back
A tree took a whack.
It hit me square on the head
Now I really wished I were in bed!

The hike was great
But the tree I still hate.
This is the story of the Joe  White hike,
Next time I think I'll take my bike!

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